SignalFx Developers Guide

Calling the API

You can access the REST API requests directly, using HTTP methods and endpoints, or use language-specific client SDKs, which wrap the REST API calls and provide helper methods.

Endpoints and realms

A realm is a self-contained deployment of SignalFx that hosts your organization. The API endpoint for a realm contains a realm-specific path segment. For example:

  • For the us1 realm, the endpoint for sending metrics is

  • For the eu0 realm, the endpoint for sending metrics is

In the Developer Guide and REST API reference, endpoints contain a {REALM} placeholder that you’re expected to replace with the actual name of your realm.

To find the name of your realm, go to your profile page in the web UI.



REST requests require an authentication token. To learn more, see the topic API Authentication.


If SignalFx has enabled permissions for your organization, access to a REST request may be limited by authorization. For a request using a session token, authorization is based on the permissions for the member associated with the token.

General notes


SignalFx uses the following timestamp formats:

  • Date header: The Date response header value has the format ddd, dd mmm yyyy hh:mm:ss UTC.

  • Timestamps: Except where noted, timestamps are in Unix time in the UTC time zone.

  • Durations: Except where noted, SignalFx uses time durations expressed in milliseconds.

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