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The Administration API manages organizations, teams, and access tokens:

  • Organizations represent a customer "account" in the system. Account users are members of the organization.

  • You can link organization members to dashboards and detectors using teams. In addition, teams can be notification targets for detectors.

The topic Organizations and Teams provides a detailed description of the APIs for organizations and teams.

  • Access tokens authenticate API access. You have to provide an access token for each API request you make.

  • If SignalFx turns on permissions for your organization, access tokens also control API authorization. If you provide a user access token, the user associated with that token must have permission to call the API.

To learn more about the access token APIs, read the topic Authentication Tokens.


All users belong to an organization, and may also belong to one or more teams. The users that belong to an organization are its members; in most cases, users are members of a single organization that they think of as their "SignalFx account".

Evey SignalFx user has a user ID that’s unique across all organizations. Members of an organization also have a member ID that’s specific to that organization.

The organizations API has the following operations:


Teams link organization members to dashboards and detectors. In addition, teams can be notification targets for detectors, so that some or all team members see alerts and other notification destinations of interest to them.

The teams API has the following endpoints:

Authentication tokens

All SignalFx API requests require an authentication token, which you specify in the X-SF-Token header of your request.

SignalFx recognizes two types of tokens:

org tokens

Long-lived organization-level tokens. You create these in the web UI, but you can update them using the API. By default, these tokens persist for 5 years, so you can use them in long-running scripts that call the SignalFx API. These are referred to as access tokens in the web UI. The following APIs require org tokens:

access tokens

Short-lived user-specific tokens created in the user’s profile page. These expire automatically after 30 days. You can use these for all API requests except those described in the previous point, for which an access token is required.

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