SignalFx Developers Guide

Retrieving Data


The API lets you retrieve all the metrics timeseries data for your organization. This includes:

To learn more about metrics, see The SignalFx Data Model.


When detectors detect anomalous conditions, they create events that provide a permanent record of the conditions at the time of detection. Detectors also create events when they detect that the condition is no longer true (the condition has cleared).

The collection of events generated by a detector is known as an incident.

Two APIs are available for retrieving events:

To find the ID for a detector:

  • Use the web UI to find the detector and its ID

  • Use the operation GET https://api.{SignalFx} API to search for one or more detectors based on criteria specified in the endpoint’s query parameters. You can do a name search or a search on tags associated with the detector.


You can also retrieve tracing data. This is covered in the APM Tracing topic.

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