SignalFx Developers Guide

Sending Data

Sending monitoring data to SignalFx

  • Use the operation POST https://ingest.{REALM} to send your own monitoring data measurements in real time to SignalFx. This endpoint supports streaming and non-streaming requests. To learn more about the API, see Sending Metrics and Events. To learn more about datapoints and the data model on which they’re based, see The SignalFx Data Model.

  • Use the operation POST https://backfill.{REALM} to send historical datapoints.

  • Use the metadata API endpoints to manage metadata such as dimensions and tags. To learn more, see Working with Metrics Metadata

Sending custom events to SignalFx

To send custom events, use the operation POST ingest.{REALM} . This operation requires an org token for authentication.

Sending traces to SignalFx

Use the Microservices APM (µAPM) operation POST api.{REALM} to send trace data in these formats:

  • Zipkin JSON1 or JSON2. The Zipkin documentation describes these formats.

  • Jaeger THRIFT. The Jaeger tracing repository on GitHub contains information about this format.

To learn more about Microservice APM, see APM Tracing.

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