SignalFx Developers Guide

Charts and Dashboards

Charts display the metrics you send to SignalFx using integrations or the Ingest Data API. Charts also use SignalFlow programs to perform statistical computations on metrics and display the results. SignalFx offers several types of charts that address common ways of visualizing data. Each of these types has options for selecting data and displaying the chart.

The Charts API provides all of the chart features of the web UI, including:

  • Creating new charts

  • Retrieving charts by query or by ID

  • Updating existing charts

  • Deleting existing charts

  • Linking charts and detectors

Creating a chart in the Charts API is different from creating a chart in the web UI:

  • When you create a chart in the web UI, SignalFx provides a SignalFlow program for the chart.

  • When you create a chart using the API, you have to provide a SignalFlow program as one of the properties in the Create Chart request body.

Dashboards and dashboard groups

Dashboards are groups of charts that appear together and use the same filtering options. Dashboard groups are lists of dashboards that users should see together or in sequence. A dashboard always belongs to a dashboard group.

Dashboards and dashboard groups help you organize charts so that users can easily find related charts.

These functions are only a small part of the charts and dashboards API. To learn more about the API, you have the following choices:

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