SignalFx Developers Guide


Duplicates or renames dimensions for the timeseries in the input stream


dimensions([aliases=alias_map][, renames=renames_map])

Table 1. Parameter definitions
Parameter Type Description


Map of string properties. Default is None.

Optional: This map adds new dimensions to each timeseries, based on existing dimensions.


Map of string properties. Default is None.

Optional: This map renames existing dimensions.

Notice that aliases=alias_map argument adds dimensions but doesn’t change existing ones, while the renames=rename_map argument replaces existing dimension keys with new names.

The return value is a stream object in which the time series have altered dimensions


The following cause errors:

  • alias_map or rename_map value that isn’t a map in which both keys and values are strings

  • A key in either map that’s also a value in one of the maps.


#counter example: this is an error, because you can't make server an alias to host and node an alias to server
#at the same time
data('cpu.load').dimensions(aliases={'server':'host', 'node':'server'}).publish()

#counter example: this is an error, because you create an alias to server and then rename node to server at the
#same time
data('cpu.load').dimensions(aliases={'server':'host'}, renames={'node':'server'}).publish()


SignalFx provides the dimensions() method so you can repair misnamed dimensions in place. For this reason, you usually use the renames argument.

You should assume that the aliasing and renaming occur simultaneously, so that none of the key-value pairs in the maps affect any of the others. This lets you alias or rename an existing dimension to multiple new dimensions.

dimensions() only returns timeseries that include the aliased or renamed dimensions, so any timeseries that doesn’t have these dimensions aren’t in the output. For example, if you want to rename "host" to "server", a time series that doesn’t have the "host" dimension won’t be in the output stream.


If you wanted to report a timeseries with a "server" dimension but misreported it with "host", use the dimensions() method to fix it:


To rename "project" to both "service" and "team":

data('cpu.load').dimensions(renames={'service':'project', 'team':'project'}).publish()

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